Concert Review: Adam & the Amethysts, Oct 5, The Piston

Montreal-based Adam & the Amethysts were at the Piston last Wednesday night. Having recently played Pop Montreal, they are now touring their latest effort, Flickering Flashlight. The album is a playful romp filled with approachable acoustic rock and fun harmonies. For once, I thought, I’ll be able to watch a rock show and not have to dust off my concert nerd etymotic earplugs. Unfortunately the earplugs did indeed need dusting off in this rockier than anticipated show.

The crossover from studio sound to live setting didn’t seem to click so well. As an album, Flickering Flashlight sounds pristine and clear. It’s an intimate and quiet affair that’s definitely worth a spin. At the Piston however, the sound was muddy and louder than it needed to be. Much of the intimacy so readily available on the album was missing.

Still, based on the strength of the record alone, I’d see Adam and his Amethysts again. I’d vote for unplugged.

Adam & the Amethysts are touring Ottawa, Hamilton, and Guelph before continuing out to the east coast.

ADAM & THE AMETHYSTS – Dreaming by kelprecords

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