NXNE Review: My Apology For Being A Concert Douchebag

Toronto – After pioneering some pretty innovative technology on how not to be a concert douchebag (picture link above), it’s with a humble apology that I admit to being just such a douchebag during one show at NXNE this year.

Apparently some types of scotch will turn even the biggest music nerds into concert douchebags

The scene of the crime was C’est What and I was busy chatting with some remarkable people from Malta and New York. One was a successful millionaire who owned a penthouse in the Upper East Side. The other owned and operated her own business training and selling Maltese Falcons. I may have just made that stuff up, but the important thing to note was that the scotch was flowing.

As this was happening, two low-key extremely chill female singer-songwriters in the form of Ghost Bees came on at 12 am. While I was at the back of the room, I had no idea that my voice was projecting up to the front like the clarion call of the beautiful Vuvuzela. At some point mid-set, a young lady approached my guest and I, “Excuse me, did you know that we can hear you way up at the front?” Even scotched up, I was pretty horrified at my behaviour. I mumbled some apology and retreated to the bar area to continue rhapsodizing without disturbing the rest of the show.

Here is an executive summary of the lessons learned:

  • Apparently some types of scotch will turn even the biggest music nerds into concert douchebags
  • A concert douchebag situation may be diffused if dealt with tactfully and in a non-confrontational way
  • My douchebag technology needs updating to reflect loud drunken talking at quiet shows

So to all those Ghost Bees’ fans who wanted to punch me in the nads but refrained, I thank you for staying your fisticuffs. To that tactful young lady that got me to simmer down, I thank you for being tactful and getting me to simmer down. And to everyone else: sorry for being such a douchebag. I promise to stay away from that particular brand of scotch. Scout’s honour!

And here is the rating for my behaviour:

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