SXSW Review: Codeine Velvet Club, The Parish, March 17

codeine velvet club

Continuing the evening of Scottish music at the Parish was Codeine Velvet Club, a group formed by singer Jon Lawler aka Jon Fratelli of .. wait for it.. The Fratellis. Their self-titled album came out in December 2008 in the UK and is slated for release next month on Dangerbird here in the states.

This band is pretty well put together; all male members in classy suits, and the group contains a horn section. Their sound would easily fit in at a swanky club scene from a 1940’s movie. Very smooth but still rockin’ at the same time. Female singer and co-writer Lou Hickey reminded me of Dita Von Teese and had a strong stage presence whenever she sang solo. Lawler said work has begun on a second album and it should be interesting to hear more of this band.

codeine velvet club

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