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Mike Patton is like the American Damon Albarn. Known mostly as the front man for Faith No More, Patton has been involved in many experimental project over his fairly lengthy career. I was never a huge fan of FTM, but what really caught my attention was when Patton recorded a cover of the Commodores classic “Easy”. Not only was it a huge departure from the 90’s rock we were used to hearing him belt out, but it also showed that he had the chops to pull off a soulful tune.

Since the breakup of Faith No More in 1998, Patton has been involved in diverse projects such as video game voice acting as well as releasing a Postal Service type album titled ‘Peeping Tom’ swapping song files with the likes of Massive Attack, Kid Koala and Kool Keith. I remember listening to this album in 2006, but don’t remember if I liked it or not.

Fast forward to June 2008 and it seems like Patton is put yet another finger in the proverbial pie. Fabchannel has filmed a recent concert where he is performing a collection of covers of Italian pop songs from the ’50s, ’60s and ’70s with the Metropole Orchestra. He once again flexes his vocal chords in this concert belting out a diverse list of songs is his trademark rock stylings (Urlo Negro) and bringing it down for all the swingers in the house with a few 60’s pop tracks (Deep Down).

I highly recommend you check out this fantastic concert.

On somewhat of a side note, if you like what you hear in Pattons show, I recommend you check out the works of famed Italian composer Ennio Morricone, the godfather of 60’s lounge pop. I’ve posted a track for your martini sipping, wife swapping pleasure.

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