6 Reasons to get excited for Primavera

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Barcelona – Primavera Sound is finally here, and luckily enough, the Panic Manual will be covering this annual festival in all it’s glory. I feel like there’s not the usual round of excitement you get with North American music festivals on the internet, so here are some reasons to get excited for Primavera.

Pulp is Reuniting

Need I say more? the legendary Britpop band will be playing their first show since announcing that they are reforming for 2011. It will be crazy, the singalongs will be epic and Jarvis will show us he’s still got the stuff. I’m already drinking more water so that I can release more tears of joy whenthey take the stage.


What a great place to have a music festival, forget Palm Springs or Chicago, Primavera is taking place in Barcelona, and the venue is RIGHT BESIDE THE SEA. You know what that means – post festival swimming! Did I mention that Barcelona is considered one of the culinary capitals of the world? The food is great, the weather is tremendous and it’s a festival by the sea. What more can you ask for?

Girl Talk at 5 am

So unlike other festivals, Primavera does not start at noon and end at 11. These people know how we work. Stay up late and wake up late. The first show at Primavera doesn’t start until 5 pm and the headliners don’t play until well after midnight. The last show on Friday night? Girl Talk. DJing at 5 am. Sure everyone will be tired, but if there’s ever a time to dance the night away and see the sunrise, then this will be the night.

The National, Flaming Lips and Belle and Sebastian

Three acts that been around for awhile that always, ALWAYS put on a great live show. The National have been playing a lot of high profile festivals lately, so they have undoubtedly become masters of the festival show. Flaming Lips…are just always amazing live and I’m sure Wayne Coyne and the gang have something in store for the Barcelona crowd. Belle and Sebastian are recieving a nice revival in popularity with their excellent album Write about Love. Being ableto see all these bands without scheduling conflicts will undoubtedly enhance everyone’s viewing experience.

The return of Fleet Foxes

After blowing people away with the sweet harmonies two years ago with their debut album, the Portland group is back with a new record and Primavera Sound will be one of the first places that Fleet Foxes will be showing off Helplessness Blues. I am sure that all indie fans will bath in the bearded groups awesomeness.

Primavera starts today. I am pumped.

Pulp Countdown (Tres Días!!!): Disco 2000

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Barcelona – THREE DAYS! That’s all that stands between me, and Pulp. In concert for the first time in over nine years, this Sheffield band is a mere 72 or so hours away from reintroducing themselves to the public in a big way.

Disco 2000 is a song I consider the most important in my life. It changed everything. Before Pulp, I was a fairly normal music listener, just taking whatever was in the top forty. After hearing this song, I went down the path that any indie music fan takes – the one where you find music you like, instead of having music given to you. Surprisingly enough, I caught Disco 2000 on Muchmusic one Saturday afternoon when I was watching some special they had called “Red Hot Much” or something. Anyways, I was blown away by this song. It was super catchy, clever and had a wonderful hook that just stayed with you far after the song was finished.

After hearing that song, I went about looking up this random band named Pulp, then I went to HMV and bought the cd and after a few listens it was over – I was a Pulp fan and thus began the great music odyssey that has cumulated with me in Spain about to hear a song that led me down the path that I have taken. It’ll be awesome.

Pulp Countdown (1 WEEK!!!): Do You Remember The First Time?

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Toronto – There are two things that make Pulp‘s His ‘n Hers a classic album: simplicity in storytelling and potent, nostalgic emotion. At its heart and soul, this record is about broken hearts in a rear-view mirror. Yet oddly, it’s not at all bitter, but really the opposite–whenever I listen to this album now, I’m struck by how perfect its memory of positive pain is. Listening to songs like Do You Remember The First Time? now, it’s hard not to longingly remember a time when I wasn’t entirely jaded by the idea of a relationship.

Romance is just better when you’re young.

Some folks may argue with me here, and I’m not saying you can’t fall in love at any advanced age. But no matter how hard one may try, it’ll never encapsulate the magic (or horror) of the first time. Not because it’s better or worse, but mainly because you’ve already jumped in the pool so to speak. The first time you swim, you remember it. A lot of things are like that by virtue of their novelty–first day of school, first job, first crush, first love/first unrequited love, certainly the first time you had sex, and so on and so forth.

We had briefly discussed the idea of “youth is wasted on the young” in last night’s podcast, and seeing as we’re all in the depths of our 30’s now, it all rings so true. So maybe that was the case for His-n-Her-era-Jarvis Cocker as well, who would’ve been exactly our age at the time he wrote and released “Do You Remember the First Time?” (likely 30 or 31).

Initial impressions of this song suggest that this is in reference to losing one’s virginity, but when you start listening to the lyrics (and this is really where the album makes the most impact), it becomes more vague. Maybe he’s talking about the first time he had sex with a woman he loved. Maybe he’s talking about the first time he nailed someone he thought he loved. Maybe he’s talking about being the “other man” in an on again-off again. Maybe he’s talking about being gay. The scenarios are endless, but the longing remains the same.

Everything is better when you look at it in hindsight, from far away.

Everything that is, with the exception of my first time. I was 17, shut my eyes, and hoped for the best. I’ll spare you the rest of the details, but I suppose that was TMI for most, anyway.

You say you’ve got to go home
cos he’s sitting on his own again this evening.
I know you’re gonna let him bore your pants off again.
Oh God, it’s half past eight, you’ll be late.

You say you’ve never been sure,
though it makes good sense for you to be together.
Still you bought a toy that can reach the places he never goes.
Oh, now it’s getting late.
He’s so straight.

Do you remember the first time?
I can’t remember a worse time.
But you know that we’ve changed so much since then, oh yeah,
we’ve grown. Now I don’t care what you’re doing,
no I don’t care if you screw him.
Just as long as you save a piece for me,
oh yeah

You say you’ve got to go home.
Well at least there’s someone there that you can talk to.
And you never have to face up to the night on your own.
Jesus, it must be great to be straight.

Do you remember the first time?
I can’t remember a worse time.
But you know that we’ve changed so much since then,
oh yeah, we’ve grown.
Now I don’t care what you’re doing,
no I don’t care if you screw him.
Just as long as you save a piece for me,
oh yeah

Pulp Countdown (9 Days): Sunrise!

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Toronto – The last track on the last album Pulp ever released, Sunrise is an epic track that literally feels like a Sunrise. How could one explain it? Just listen to the rousing coda to end off the song that gradually picks up in tempo generating a Scott Walker influenced wall of sound before exploding into more guitars. Pulp reportedly turned down a million dollars from Coca Cola, who wanted to use this song.

Of course I am writing this track because for the first time in about three months it seems, we have managed to see some sun in Toronto. Still, a great song for a splendid occasion