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Polaris Prize 2014 Short List Nominees: Some Quick Thoughts

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1x1.trans Polaris Prize 2014 Short List Nominees: Some Quick Thoughts

Now that the World Cup is over, and Lebron James has chosen his new team, the internet can get back to all those other things. One of those things just happens to be the short list for the greatest prize for the Canadian music industry today – The Polaris Music Prize. Since it’s inception in 2006, the prize has been seen as the Canadian equivalent of the Mercury Prize and has given it’s winners a significant boost in both popularity and respect. Studies have shown that 1 in 8 Polaris Prize winners go on to eventually headline Glastonbury and have David Bowie do guest vocals on their songs.

The short list comes after an extensive voting process by the members of the Polaris jury, which currently include a diverse group of currently employed, soon to be unemployed and perpetually unemployed writers, bloggers and broadcasters. With such a grand announcement today, I thought it would only be fair that I write the first thing that comes to my mind when I look at each of the short list members. Any more thinking and it would become unpure.

Arcade Fire – Reflektor
This album seems like it came out five years ago. Yet here it is.

Basia Bulat – Tall Tall Shadow
Always the bridesmaid, never the bride. Another year, another pleasant album. Probably not enough to win.

Mac DeMarco – Salad Days
I’m not nearly young enough or high enough to get him. His nomination is great for all those people looking to mimic 90′s American alt rock though.

Drake – Nothing Was the Same
Why didn’t Raptors go after Paul Pierce? Savvy vet, can defend bigger guards, good at crunch time.

Jessy Lanza – Pull My Hair Back
Why didn’t her show at the Garrison start half an hour later, that way I could of saw both Morcheeba and her.

Owen Pallett – In Conflict
Is this album about the middle east? Why can’t those guys just get along. I am supposed to go to Israel in September.

Shad – Flying Colours
Token rap entry that won’t win

Tanya Tagaq
It’ll cost her $20,000 to get here from Nunavut

Timer Timbre – Hot Dreams
A good album that I associate with winter, might not be good for summer time voting

Yamantanka/Sonic Titan
2/2 is pretty good way to start off your career. Probably won’t win. The Mike Trout of Canadian music. Minus 300 million dollars.

What were your thoughts?

Types of People at Concerts

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This post needs no introduction. We’ve probably been these types at some point in our lives.

Normal People
These are the people I like the best. They come to the show, find a spot, maybe have a drink and general enjoy the show from the initial spot they found without talking much or bothering anyone. The unsung heroes of a concert.

Woooo Girls/Boys
These people probably hate their jobs and don’t go out too much as they have concerts as primary “outings”. In the end, they try to make up for all the unhappiness in the other aspects of their lives by Wooing extra hard (and often) to try and create an unforgettable experience.

Yelling at the Band
Perhaps these people are the alpha’s in their work or social groups, but they seem to think that they can dictate the flow of a show just by yelling out songs they want to hear. It rarely works, the bands write down set lists for a reason. These people are usually heavy drinker and get progressively worse as the show goes along.

Maybe the worse people at concerts. They go to concerts to talk to their friends while casually checking out the concert. WHY DID YOU PAY FOR THE SHOW? I have no idea. Perhaps they want to seem cool. Either way, they are very distracting and annoying.

Can I? Should I?
These indecisive motherfuckers really like the band but are constantly unhappy with their spot at the show. Their passive aggressiveness forces them to spend most of the time deliberating whether or not they should move closer before finally making it to the front of the stage with two songs remaining. Then they’ll look at each other and be all like “omg! we are so close” and high five each other for their ambitious move while everyone around them hates them for disrupting their personal spacing.

Uses their SLR’s as an excuse to be push themselves to the front of the stage, then spend all the concert trying to enjoy it through the LCD screens on their cameras. They have a look of determination on them at all time as they try to capture that one magical moment of the show that will surely be sold to a photo gallery or national publication. They always do this little dance with other photographers where they trade spots. It’s sorta amusing, I guess.

Amateur Photographers
Spend half their time using their POS cameras trying to get the perfect shot not realizing their technical limitations. May use flash to an annoying degree.

These people hold their phones up to record the entire show because all their friends will watch a shitty recording of a live show. Just kidding, no one watches that junk. Why do it?

People who are having too good a time
No matter how much fun you are having, there’s always those people who are just losing it and having some sort of internal revelation. It’s specially amazing if it’s some random new band with only an EP to their name. How did they build such an emotional connection so quickly? I’ll never know.

There’s probably more, feel free to comment!

Mini Disaster Review: Power Outage, Toronto, April 15

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1x1.trans Mini Disaster Review: Power Outage, Toronto, April 15


Like free wi-fi in the states, it’s one of those things you take for granted. One minute it is there

The next it is gone.

One goes through all sorts of emotions when the power goes out. Excitement, fear..bewilderment. I was initially angry because I had just turned on the oven and was marinating a pork tenderloin to have for dinner. Without power or heat, that option was no longer there.

The next feeling, after the initial shock, is the feeling that you need to survive. How long is this power gone for? A question no one can answer.

More importantly, why is the power out?

Sure, it could be just your casual power outage. But what if it wasn’t? What if it was an act of terrorism? What if it was aliens invading and they set off an EMP to disable our communications? One thing is for certain, in this day and age, the first thing to go in an event of war will be our communications.

It’s really when the power goes out do you really assess what you have in your apartment for survival.

Luckily, I had a headlamp so I was quite illuminated. Sadly, I could not find many candles, so light was going to be tricky for a long haul. I had some food. So at the least we could survive for a few days, even if it was only canned food, nuts and cloves of garlic.

I was also wondering how long the fridge could go without the food inside going bad. It might be key to survival. Just as I was contemplating this, my roommate opens it up and grabs a beer. Sigh. We might have lost a few precious hours of temperature with that one move. The only thing I knew for certain was that we could get really really drunk. I think combined we have like thirty bottles of scotch at the apartment.

Deciding to assess our environment for potential external dangers, me and my roommate took a walk.


You would never know there was stars in the sky if you just looked up on a casual night, but under the shroud of darkness, there they were. Magnificent little beings that are actually scorching balls of flame. Quite pretty.

Walking around the neighbourhood, it wasn’t quite chaotic as I had envisioned. The po po was out controlling traffic, people were quite civilized and there was no looting. I guess I didn’t need to walk to Long and McQuade after all.

Having surveyed the situation and deciding that we did not need to arm ourselves, we headed home. My roommate started listing off all the things I could eat instead of my pork tenderloin, but I figure I can probably survive the night without it. Worse things have happened to many people.

Just as I was prepared to count my losses, BOOM. power back on.

What a journey.

Happy Chinese New Year! A tribute in images

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1x1.trans Happy Chinese New Year! A tribute in images

The clock just hit midnight over in Asia, where they are in the future and billions of Chinese people celebrated a new year. 2014 is the year of the Horse. Here are some virtues of people born in this cycle – 1978 and 1990 mainly. I don’t think I know anyone born in 2002, that’s probably illegal.

People born in the year of the horse have ingenious communicating techniques and in their community they always want to be in the limelight. They are clever, kind to others, and like to join in a venture career. Although they sometimes talk too much

They cannot bear too much constraint. However their interest may be only superficial and lacking real substance. They are usually impatient and hot blooded about everything other than their daily work. (ouch)

As I look back at the year that was, I reflect on my own Chinese-ness. I mean, I am from Hong Kong, so I’m not from the mainland. Still I identify as Chinese. How Chinese was I last year? Was I very Chinesey, or just partially?

- Trips to Asia: 0 (fail, although I spent a month in Asia in 2012)
- Days where I played Ping Pong: 2
- Chinese recipe books purchased: 3
- Wok’s purchased: 0 (but still looking)

So overall, pretty good.

Without further delay, here are some images in tribute to Chinese New Year:

1x1.trans Happy Chinese New Year! A tribute in images

1x1.trans Happy Chinese New Year! A tribute in images

1x1.trans Happy Chinese New Year! A tribute in images

Drummer from Bloc Party!
1x1.trans Happy Chinese New Year! A tribute in images

Pianist from Metallica!
1x1.trans Happy Chinese New Year! A tribute in images

Cheap shoes!
1x1.trans Happy Chinese New Year! A tribute in images

The Chinese Dolphin!
1x1.trans Happy Chinese New Year! A tribute in images

Finally, the best.

Peking Duck.
1x1.trans Happy Chinese New Year! A tribute in images

Happy New Year!