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Song Of The Day: Charlotte Cardin – Dirty Dirty

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Having already played the CBC Music Festival, Osheaga and le Festival d’été de Québec, it’s clear that Quebecois singer Charlotte Cardin’s star seems to be on the rise. Her debut EP Big Boy was just released this past summer and I had the opportunity to see her perform some of her songs during an intimate performance at Burdock Music Hall yesterday afternoon. With her powerful voice and electro-jazz sound, Cardin definitely impressed.

After introducing herself and her band a couple songs into their set, Cardin added, “We’re going to play some love songs for you.” It’s true, a lot of her music could be classified as love songs, but with titles like “Like It Doesn’t Hurt” and “Dirty Dirty,” it’s clear these aren’t necessarily your typical love songs. “Dirty Dirty” in particular stood out during her performance with it’s lyrics touching upon themes of jealousy and unrequited love. Give it a listen:

Song Of The Day: Mat Hunsley – Dropping

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mat hunsley

You want beautiful chords? Elegant storytelling? Uplifting messages? Let me introduce you to Mat Hunsley.

The Newcastle singer-songwriter’s specialty is delivering all of these things via singles like “Dropping,” which went live a few days ago. The artist’s skillful blending of vocals and music with influences such as Bon Iver and Nathaniel Rateliff culminates in a glorious 4-minute track you can enjoy – so enjoy!

RT Contest: Win a copy of Two Door Cinema Club’s Gameshow on Vinyl

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Everyone’s favorite Irish trio – Two Door Cinema Club – is hitting the road this fall in support of their upcoming 2016 album Gameshow, due to be released October 14th. If you’ve just gone off to buy tickets (as you should) but then realized that you won’t know any of the songs on the new record, we’ve got you covered! Panic’s got two copies of Gameshow to give away so that you can learn all the lyrics, make up some kick-ass dance moves and line up your song requests. If you study up really hard, the trio might be so impressed they offer you a spot in the band. Who knew one little contest could be so life changing?

To enter (and possibly begin your lifestyle of the rich and famous), simply retweet this post or comment on Facebook.

Americans get excited – everyone can enter, contest is available worldwide!

Songs Of The (Labour) Day: A Panic Manual Labour Day Playlist

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It’s labour day, a day dedicated to honouring workers by giving (most of) us the day off. In recognition of this day, here’s a bunch of songs:

Hazel Dickens – They’ll Never Keep Us Down
Labour day has its roots in the labour movement and one of the first groups to organize was the coal miners, because of course such dismal and dangerous work would inspire people to fight for better working conditions. If you’ve ever seen the films Harlan County USA or Matewan (both about coal miners), you might have noticed the music of Hazel Dickens in their soundtracks. Hazel is a boss, though not in the sense of her being on the side of management, just to make things clear.

Dolly Parton – 9 To 5
Dollay Parton is, like Hazel, a strong Southern woman singing about the plight of the worker who is “barely gettin’ by” because it’s “It’s all takin’ and no givin.'” Amen, sister.

Dolly Parton plays the Molson Canadian Amphitheatre this Friday, September 9, which everyone should go see, because it’s Dolly.

Geto Boys – Damn It Feels Good To Be A Gangsta
Keeping with the theme of soundtracks to films about people who hate their jobs and hate their boss, here’s a classic from the Office Space soundtrack. Got a case of the Mondays? Listen to this:

Loverboy – Working For The Weekend
You want a piece of my heart? You better start from the start … by giving me a fair wage and decent working conditions. OK, that’s likely not what Mike Reno and co. were singing about, but everybody loves a good ’80s rock song, so just go with it. Not sure what the first two and a half minutes of pointless band chit chat in the video is all about, but once you make it past that point? C’mon baby, let’s go!

Carly Rae Jepsen – Store
Sure, most of us have the day off today, but there are a few stores still open – this one goes out to the folks working in those stores. Here’s a video someone made for “Store” using footage from Mannequin, I guess because that movie takes place in a store.

Rihanna – Work
One more song going out to all of you that work so hard every damn day:

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