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Song of the Day: Temples – The Golden Throne

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1x1.trans Song of the Day: Temples   The Golden Throne

One of the bigger buzz bands emerging from SXSW, Temples have been making steady ground in the music world this year on the grounds of their debut album Sun Structures. The album is basically a field trip back to the 70′s, if the 70′s were reinvented by kids these days. Sure, you can literally list off all the band’s influences as you go through the tracks but the album has a buffet of good tunes. The track The Golden Throne is the catchiest of them all. Featuring massive hooks and a nostalgic kick, it is easily going to one of the tracks I will be putting on all summer.

Mini Disaster Review: Power Outage, Toronto, April 15

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1x1.trans Mini Disaster Review: Power Outage, Toronto, April 15


Like free wi-fi in the states, it’s one of those things you take for granted. One minute it is there

The next it is gone.

One goes through all sorts of emotions when the power goes out. Excitement, fear..bewilderment. I was initially angry because I had just turned on the oven and was marinating a pork tenderloin to have for dinner. Without power or heat, that option was no longer there.

The next feeling, after the initial shock, is the feeling that you need to survive. How long is this power gone for? A question no one can answer.

More importantly, why is the power out?

Sure, it could be just your casual power outage. But what if it wasn’t? What if it was an act of terrorism? What if it was aliens invading and they set off an EMP to disable our communications? One thing is for certain, in this day and age, the first thing to go in an event of war will be our communications.

It’s really when the power goes out do you really assess what you have in your apartment for survival.

Luckily, I had a headlamp so I was quite illuminated. Sadly, I could not find many candles, so light was going to be tricky for a long haul. I had some food. So at the least we could survive for a few days, even if it was only canned food, nuts and cloves of garlic.

I was also wondering how long the fridge could go without the food inside going bad. It might be key to survival. Just as I was contemplating this, my roommate opens it up and grabs a beer. Sigh. We might have lost a few precious hours of temperature with that one move. The only thing I knew for certain was that we could get really really drunk. I think combined we have like thirty bottles of scotch at the apartment.

Deciding to assess our environment for potential external dangers, me and my roommate took a walk.


You would never know there was stars in the sky if you just looked up on a casual night, but under the shroud of darkness, there they were. Magnificent little beings that are actually scorching balls of flame. Quite pretty.

Walking around the neighbourhood, it wasn’t quite chaotic as I had envisioned. The po po was out controlling traffic, people were quite civilized and there was no looting. I guess I didn’t need to walk to Long and McQuade after all.

Having surveyed the situation and deciding that we did not need to arm ourselves, we headed home. My roommate started listing off all the things I could eat instead of my pork tenderloin, but I figure I can probably survive the night without it. Worse things have happened to many people.

Just as I was prepared to count my losses, BOOM. power back on.

What a journey.

RT Contest! Win tickets to see Fanfarlo in concert at Lee’s Palace, April 16

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Hard to believe it’s been five full years since Fanfarlo came out of nowhere to steal our hearts with their debut record Reservoir. Where has this time gone? I feel so old. The group recently released their third full length record called Let’s Go Extinct and they will be at Lee’s Palace to promote it on Wednesday.

Thanks to Live Nation, we have a pair of tickets to give away.

To win, do one of the following

1. Retweet this post and follow us (@panicmanual)
2. Comment on this post in facebook and like us.
3. Email us at panic at with the subject “I put the fan in fanfarlo”

Song Of The Day: The Quiet Men – River Valley

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1x1.trans Song Of The Day: The Quiet Men   River Valley

Toe-tapping is a word that needs to be reclaimed in the US. I usually google phrases that I’m planning on putting into my posts on Panic to make sure ‘that word means what I think it means.’ When I googled it, I came to realize that toe-tapping is now inextricably linked to the Larry Craig scandal.

No no no.

Toe-tapping encompasses all the greatness of music. In those two little alliterative words it brings to mind the spontaneous, wiggle-inducing, couldn’t-stop-yourself-even-if-you-tried, physical joyfulness that we get from music. Nothing else in the world can figuratively and literally move people like music.

The Irish folk collective The Quiet Men is a perfect example. The band hails from San Francisco and they bring to mind nothing more than a sunshine drenched field, a bubbling beautiful blue body of water and a toe-tapping good time. Check out their song River Valley below:

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