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Contest: Win A Copy of Modest Mouse’s Strangers To Ourselves on Vinyl or CD

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It’s been eight years since we’ve heard from Issaquah’s pride and joy – Modest Mouse. The band went on hiatus back in 2010 after the release of their fifth album We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank, but judging by their single “Lampshades on Fire” off the new album Strangers to Ourselves, they’re back and in fine form. The new album has everything you loved about Modest Mouse back in the day – eerie guitar, heavy drumbeat, and those barked lyrics from Isaac Brock. For everyone who used to yell the lyrics to “Float On” out the window while driving back in high school, Panic Manual’s got your hookup! To win a copy of the new album Strangers to Ourselves on CD + Vinyl (courtesy of With A Bullet promotions), just do one of the following:

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For Canadian residents only.

SXSW / NXNE Preview: San Fermin

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San Fermin

We here at Panic Manual have been big fans of San Fermin for a long time. Their self titled debut album was one of my favorite albums back in 2013, back when I was a young lad. Since then, I have matured significantly and perhaps this too is reflected with the sound of the new album. Maybe it has not, I don’t know. I have not listened to their new record, which is entitled Jackrabbit. The album is out on April 21st but for those of us lucky enough to go to Austin, they will be playing a plethora of shows at SXSW this year.

The picture above was a party they played in Austin for SXSW. What’s not pictured? Free muther fuckin bbq’s! Sausages! Brisket! Ribs galore! This type of gastronomical satistfaction was reflected perfectly in the San Fermin live show – a little bit of everything, high peaks and deeply satisfying. I don’t know if this post makes any sense. Regardless, they are a band to check out and I mean that in the most honest, sincere way.

They are also playing NXNE for those who can’t make the journey to Texas.

SXSW Preview: The Lees Of Memory – We Are Siamese

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SXSW is fast approaching and come March, Austin will have no lack of bands evoking the sounds of the ’90s, from those who’ve kept it going since those days to the reunited acts hoping to relaunch their career and on to the newer performers inspired by the sounds of yesteryear.

Nashville’s The Lees Of Memory will be one of those bands and they come by their ’90s sound honestly –¬†members John Davis and Brandon Fisher were formerly in alt-rock one hit wonders Superdrag (remember “Sucked Out?”). However, rather than revisiting the power pop sounds of that group, The Lees Of Memory dive headfirst into Kevin Shields territory with some blissed out shoegaze and they do it well. “We Are Siamese” is the lead single off of their album Sisyphus Says. Give it a listen.

Song of the Day: Lord Huron – Fool for Love

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Lord Huron

Nothing’s better than thinking you love something, and then realizing you love it even more than you thought.

When I first listened to Lord Huron‘s single off their upcoming album Strange Trails I was all about it. It’s like a swirling mixture of Fleet Foxes and Elvis – all cool harmonies and swaggering croon. Then upon second, third, fourth, etc. listen, I realized it’s telling a story (what can I say? I’m a sucker for a narrative piece) about a lovelorn lad off to take down his competition ‘Big Jim’. Told from the first person with a heaping dose of misplaced confidence, the song follows the story with its ultimately disastrous conclusion with an irresistible combination of compassion and sly humor – give it a listen:

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