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Contest: See Watchers Of The Sky at Bloor Hot Docs Cinema, October 19

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1x1.trans Contest: See Watchers Of The Sky at Bloor Hot Docs Cinema, October 19

With Watchers Of The Sky, director Edet Belzberg has created a film that delves into the history of genocide, using the story of Raphael Lemkin, the man who coined the term “genocide,” as it’s starting point. In his review of the film for this site, Gary described it as “a delicate and soul rending story” and a “surprisingly serene” take on a macabre subject matter.

… I guarantee that it doesn’t lack in graphic impact. Instead of frame after frame of mutilated bodies that can drive the audience to defensively shut down, however, “Watchers” uses stylish calligraphy overlays and artistic renders to soften the direct assault on ones psyche. I find that this allows the mind to process. Lemkin’s personal notes, the interview/narration of Ben Ferencz (chief prosecutor at Nuremberg Trials), Luis Moreno Ocampo (Prosecutor at trials of the Juntas in Argentina and now International Criminal Court) and Samantha Power (current UN ambassador of the United States), and first-hand account of Rwandan and Darfuri survivors are all tastefully assembled into an intelligible message that can sometimes be difficult to reach in these documentaries.

Courtesy of, we have a pair of passes to give away to the Ocober 19 evening screening of the film at the Bloor Hot Docs Cinema. To win, do one of three things:

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Contest: Win tickets to see Yelle in Concert at The Mod Club, October 15

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We here at The Panic Manual are already giving away copies of Yelle‘s latest album Complètement Fou, but if you’re a fan of the French singer, that’s not all – we’re also giving away a pair of tickets to her concert October 15th at the Mod Club courtesy of With A Bullet promotions. By all accounts, she puts on an energetic live show, so this will likely be one worth checking out. One might even say her show will be …complètement fou! That means “completely crazy” for you non French speakers, but hey, Yelle has apparently released an app that translates her lyrics for you, so even if you’re not well versed in our other official language, you can still take something away from the music.

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RT Contest: Win Yelle’s Complétement Fou on Vinyl or the CD

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Whenever I think of Yelle, I’ll always think of regret. To get to the source of the problem, we’ll have to go back in time.

Let’s take the Delorean back to 2009, my inaugural SXSW.

Here we goooooooo

1x1.trans RT Contest: Win Yelles Complétement Fou on Vinyl or the CD

wow 2009. So long ago. The Black Eyed Peas were still a thing. It was my first time at SXSW and it was the last night of SXSW. Having been to both Interactive and music, I was running on ten days of tacos and beers. It was exhausting. I was exhausted. However, it was the last night and word on the street was that Perez Hilton was throwing a big party at a Safeway just outside downtown. There would be …special guests!! The three of us naturally decided to go to this party, but I was tired. On the bill was Ladyhawke, Thunderheist (I talked to her after and she said she played the show cos of the free booze), Indigo Girls, Pre-Losing You Solange and also, Yelle.

Yelle was a French singer who experience some popularity with the song A cause des garçons. She also was a fury of energy on stage and put on a great show. By this time, I was too tired and drunk and despite Allison’s insistence, I left. I was happy with my SXSW experience. It was a good first time experience. That was until about an hour after I left the venue. Allison then messaged me and said that Kanye had showed up and was doing a set. :(

what does this have to do with anything? I don’t know.

Yelle’s new album is called Complètement fou and it comes out in a week. It’s probably poppy with a fair share of that sweet French electronica sound and it’ll definitely make you want to dance.

Now thanks to With a Bullet promotions, we have a vinyl and a cd to give away of her latest album. To win, do one of three things

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Contest open only to Canadians

2014 Polaris Music Prize Preview: The Drinking Game

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1x1.trans 2014 Polaris Music Prize Preview: The Drinking Game

The prestigious Polaris Music Prize is tonight. With previous winners such as Arcade Fire, GSYBE and Feist, you can guarantee that it’ll be a star studded event featuring the greatest Canadian celebrities known only to listeners of CBC Radio and indie 88. The event takes place at the Carlu, a venue known to not host concerts to smaller independent acts, but is gorgeous nevertheless and also, within walking distance of several strip clubs on Yonge for the eventual winner to blow all their money in a desperate attempt to recreate the most marginal of rap videos.

It’s still fun, and what is even funner is sitting at home in your pajamas, beer in hand, watching the event unfold online and making snarky comments on twitter. Inspired by this already happening, I have decided to post the 2014 Polaris Music Prize Drinking game.

Do a shot whenever

  • Someone mentions how pretty the Carlu is
  • Mac Demarco Grin shots (via @JillKrajewski)
  • If Jay Baruchel Mumbles (via @beets)
  • Rob Ford joke
  • Doug Ford joke
  • Streaming problems on Aux.TV
  • Someone mentions lack of diversity in the short list
  • Random shots of music industry people acting awkward
  • Artist presenter clumsily fumbling through their notes
  • Jian Gomeshi sighting
  • Camera pans to the chair where Drake would be
  • They mention the after party

Feel free to add this somewhat lazy post.

Here is a stream of one of the songs I have enjoyed from a Polaris nominated artist/

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