Concert Review: The Dip, April 5, Horseshoe Tavern


After two years of various shows being bumped, rescheduled and cancelled, it finally feels like Toronto is picking up steam as raring-to-go bands roll through – and the anticipation has made these shows all the sweeter.

The Seattle-based 7 piece band The Dip found their way to Toronto’s Horseshoe Tavern to play two nights of shows this week on April 5th & 6th and were greeted by a sold out crowd; hyped to sing along, dance and soak up everything the rhythm, blues and pop-centric band had to play for them.

Touring their recently released third album Sticking With It, The Dip jammed their way through nearly 20 songs, including their recent singles “When You Lose Someone” and “Real Contender” as well as hits from their earlier albums. We were treated to an extended version of “Spiderweb”, with each section of the band getting a chance to wow the audience. The three piece brass section, dubbed the ‘Honey-nut Horns’ really put their talents on display, so much so that if I told you they had come up from New Orleans rather than Seattle, you wouldn’t have blinked an eye.

The bar was hot and sticky, but you wouldn’t know it looking at the faces of the fans who were eating up song after song, culminating in everyone singing along with The Dip’s biggest hit from their 2019 album, “Sure Don’t Miss You”.

It’s been nearly three years since the band has been through town, but as they gain more of a following, I can’t see it being that long before they’re back again and playing a bigger venue. So for the people who gathered in the back of the Horseshoe Tavern on these nights, we can all count ourselves lucky for having the chance to see such an up close and connected show with some truly talented musicians.
- Kyle Cadogan

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