Song of The Day: Tugboat Captain – No Plans (For This Year)

As it turns out, it’s entirely coincidental that Tugboat Captain just recently released a song called “No Plans (For This Year)”. In fact, that song was already written well before everything that’s happening in the world right now had even begun, so it seems that the London-based indie pop band just miraculously fluked their way into writing a song that now feels very timely. Either that or the band has some impressive Nostradamus/Edgar Cayce level prognostication skills. You can choose to believe whichever story you like.

As it also turns out, the band were initially scheduled to play this year’s edition of SXSW before it was cancelled for the first time in the festival’s 33 year history. So yes, they did have some plans for this year, but you know how the old saying goes about best laid plans and all that. Of course, the year’s not nearly over yet and the band does still plan on releasing their upcoming debut studio album Rut (which was recorded at the famed Abbey Road studios) later this year on Double A-Side Records.

If you don’t have any plans at the moment, give “No Plans (For This Year)” a listen below.

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