Song Of The Day: Failed Flowers – Faces

Anna Burch‘s solo debut Quit The Curse was easily one of the best albums of 2018, a perfect collection of sweet, jangly, poppy tunes such as “Tea Soaked Letter” and “2 Cool 2 Care” that burrowed their way into my brain and stayed there like all good earworms do. It was through Burch’s music that I discovered her friend and occasional tourmate Fred Thomas, who, prior to Burch’s solo debut, was also her bandmate in Michigan indie rock band Failed Flowers.

And now Burch and Thomas are revisiting that project with a new Failed Flowers song released as part of Slumberland Records‘ 30th Anniversary Singles Club. “Faces” sees Burch taking the lead and the song sounds very much of a piece with anything off of Quit The Curse, but with a touch more distortion. Check it out.

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