Concert Review: Sean Rowe, December 15, DC9

A Visit from Sean Rowe:

‘Twas mid-December, when all through DC,

The snow was falling, it was cold and icy.

Christmas lights were hung in all the bars everywhere,

In hopes that decorations would give a festive air.

The drinkers were drinking, all cozy and slurred,

While their vision danced about (everything was a bit blurred).

And I in my snow boots, with a belly full of wine,

Hustled my butt along U street to get to DC9.

When I entered the club, but ‘lo, what a sound!

Sean Rowe was rumbling through his set, guitar chords did abound.

I ran up the stairs, my cheeks all aglow,

As Sean finished up “The Very First Snow.”

And then what to my wondering eyes did appear?

But a lumberjack man with a glorious beard.

He got a little jazzy on the next song for sure,

When he belted out “Desiree,” true and pure.

He ended things with a bang with his single “Little Man”

It’s the sweetest song, give it a listen if you can.

He sent us off into the street of dazzling white,

With a ‘Happy holidays to all, and to all a good night!’

(Not really, I just needed it to rhyme – but we did all have a really good time).

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