Concert Review: Coast Modern, Salt Cathedral, September 22, U Street Music Hall

What do you call a surf rock band with a big splash of reggae, a tiny pinch of hip hop, and just a dash of Tenacious D silliness? You call them Coast Modern. The LA based duo came to DC on Friday to play a sold out show at U Street Music Hall.

The night started out with Salt Cathedral, a Colombian-born, NY-based global pop duo. The twosome might have been small but they were mighty in their stage presence. Lead singer Juli, rocking a red bandana with some kind of towering bow, crooned to the audience while Nico maneuvered his way around a guitar and a synth, creating alternately ethereal, catchy, and mellow sounds that buoyed the crowd along. The clear highlight of the set was a rollicking rendition of “Say My Name” that was very enthusiastically taken up by the crowd.

Next up was headliner Coast Modern. The main duo, Luke Atlas and Coleman Trapp, were joined onstage by a drummer and bassist, and bounced, hammed, and rocked their way through their 2017 self-titled debut album. Clear crowd favorites were “Guru,” “Dive,” and “Hollow Life,” which all became enthusiastic sing-alongs immediately. The group has an interesting mix of dark, introspective songs mixed with feel good, silly tracks (take a listen to “Cute”, literally just a three and a half minute ode to a cute girl including the lyrics “I choose you like a Pokemon.” Another gem from “Guru” is “Got some scruff on. Gotta shave it. Get my diet on. No more eating bacon.”) The group looked the part of the amalgam of genres they embodied, with the lead singer sporting a head of beachy-blond-wavy hair, the guitarist looking super clean cut and crisp, and the bassist wearing a Bob Marley tee (but interestingly looking like Jack White from the neck up). Whatever unique mixture the group has going on they make it work, and the band makes for a delightful Friday night.

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