Concert Review: Sonny and the Sunsets – September 6, DC9


Sonny and the Sunsets are lovable in spite of themselves. Let me explain.

The group took the stage at DC9 on Saturday right at 11 (points for punctuality!) to a small but respectable crowd who was obviously well-versed in the band’s repertoire. The band began playing with little to-do, limited their banter, and played a respectable 45 minutes of hits that included some of the more popular tracks such as “Too Young.” After 45 minutes of solid music and a bit of wit, the group called it a night. They were done. It was 11:45, time for a late dinner, a kiss good night to the drowsy family, and a solid 8 hours of sleep before the duties of Sunday morning (grocery shopping, Sunday School, etc) called.

But the crowd, well, they wanted a little more. “Planet of Women!” they called. “She Plays Yo Yo With My Mind” others pleaded. Almost begrudgingly, the group retook the stage and proceeded to play… nothing anyone requested. A pleasant encore to be sure, and everyone left smiling and happy, but a head-shaker nonetheless.

Overall, I’d definitely recommend seeing this band. The audience they draw is extremely good-natured, their sound is soothing, and their attitude is, well, reasonable. It’s a band that achieves its superlative in anchoring itself in moderation and compromise. Who doesn’t need more of that?

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