Concert Review: New Politics, January 26, Rock and Roll Hotel

Things that make me cranky:
1. Getting to H Street (such a trek!).
2. Breaking 10PM Sunday curfew (I get so sleepy!).
3. Sold out shows (it’s so crowded!).

Things that over-ride crankiness:
1. Infectious tunes.
2. Great band personalities.
3. Killer dance moves.
4. Awesome venues.

Thank GOODNESS New Politics‘ show at Rock and Roll Hotel on H Street delivered on all four counts of amazingness.

As any DC-ite who doesn’t live in the up-and-coming H Street corridor knows, Rock and Roll Hotel offers one of the best times in the district, but is a nightmare to get to in the best of circumstances. Weekend nights in particular are not ideal, as – in its great wisdom – the DC transit authority decides to shut down trains before midnight. Needless to say, although I was super pumped to see New Politics and rock out to Harlem, I was a bit nervous about the logistics of the event.

I shouldn’t have worried.

First, Rock and Roll Hotel took amazing care of my friend and me by letting us both in to the sold out show although my plus-one ticket had somehow gotten lost in the shuffle. Then, the bartender (who sported the coolest mohawk I’ve seen…. ever) literally mixed up the most delicious lemon-y H-20 (aka water) drink I’ve ever been served after patiently and good-naturedlly listening to me ramble about the dangers of drinking too much Mad Dog 20-20. Such a good sport.

Second, the show itself was such a fun time. The Danish (except for one New Yorker) trio bounced onto stage at 10:02 (extra points for punctuality!) to a roaring crowd. They immediately endeared themselves to the already enthusiastic audience by effusively thanking everyone for coming out. “We appreciate this sardine sound!” they commented of their noisy reception, acknowledging the smooshed and sold out audience who were still managing to eek out their cheers despite compressed body and lung space.

The trio jumped into some of their most well-loved tracks, including Give Me Hope and Dignity. In between their tracks, the lead singer busted out KILLER dance moves including some unforgettable break dancing. The only other times the jamming was interrupted was when the band urged everyone to stay for the meet and greet so they could hand out some “sweaty European hugs.”

Although, real talk real time, I wasn’t cool enough to make it to the meet and greet, I did stay to rock out to Harlem, which lived up to every expectation.

Great great show.

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  1. mhecht

    The Sleeper Agent/Magic Man/New Politics combo sounds like it’d be an incredible show! I’ve been really liking Sleeper Agent’s new track, Waves. Check it out if you haven’t already:

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