Concert Review: Crocodiles, November 19, Lee’s Palace


Let me preface this review with the confession that I’m a bit of a Crocodiles fangirl and I’m madly in love with their latest record, Crimes of Passion. Tuesday night’s show at Lee’s did not disappoint, though I wish that a band as solid as this would draw bigger audiences.

But the audience present for the show seemed pretty enamoured with the band, with cheers and hollers after each song. Frontman Brandon Welchez has all the charisma and swagger a rockstar ought to have, delivering every song with smolder and intensity. Truth: it was nearly impossible for me to tear my eyes off Welchez the entire show, especially when he was dancing. That’s how you know a band has a charismatic frontman. And also, it’s also how you know you have a bandcrush. But I digress.

The set list was heavy on songs from the latest album (which I have zero complaints about!) with a few older songs in between. Highlights included “Teardrop Guitar,” “Heavy Metal Clouds,” “Gimme Some Annihilation,” “Me and My Machine Gun” and “Marquis de Sade,” which Welchez dedicated to “all the sadists and masochists out there.” Welchez’s voice was nicely complemented by keyboardist Robin Eisenberg’s vocals.

As a live band, Crocodiles exceed their recordings by a long shot. Head-bangingly loud with the right mix of distorted, dreamy guitars, keyboard and drums, they left my ears ringing in the best way possible. Here’s hoping that there’ll be a much, much bigger turn out the next time Crocodiles hit Toronto – I know that I’ll more than likely be there.

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