Event Review: Vitaminwater/Fader Uncapped Featuring Potty Mouth & Dragonette [September 12, CBC Building]


I don’t usually write about “events” but I have been checking out some lifestyle bloggers’ sites recently and they get a lot of cool swag. I wish to be a part of this “swag” life style, maybe even live an entire year off of it. So let’s talk about the event from last night.

Vitamin Water and Fader threw a party at the CBC building last night, it was called #uncapped. I wasn’t quite sure what they were promoting, but the music lineup intrigued me. I also got the sense that it might have been an open bar event (base on my Fader related events at SXSW) and I haven’t really embarrassed myself in awhile so off to CBC I went.

Did you know 50 Cent made 200 Million dollars off Vitamin Water? He agreed to be their first celebrity endorser in exchange for some change and 5% hold of the company. So when the company took off and was bought for a few billion dollars, 50 Cent got two hundred million dollars from it. Why he doesn’t change his name to 200 Million is beyond me. That is some smart investment strategy.

I never knew that CBC could be used as a party space, but sure enough, there it was. We were situated in a room on the top floor. Sure enough, there was an open bar, consisting of vodka cocktails featuring Vitamin water, and the odd Coors Light beer. There were also free Pop Chips to be had, and let me tell you – those things are tasty. There were a lot of Fader magazines around, and I was surprised at how thick it was. Must of been a lot of ads.


drinks (picture from @sidewalkhustle)

Vodka + vitaminwater = surprisingly tasty. It was only smirnoff, which was a bit disappointing.

“Shout out to Vitamin Water” – the DJ said this about 100 times over the course of the night. I think he was paid per endorsement. The DJ’ed also rapped over the songs he was playing. Like he sang the chorus to ASAP Rocky’s F$%kin Problem when it was playing. Interesting technique. Next DJ night, I am going to sing the chorus to Common People when I play it, and see how the crowd reacts.

Potty Mouth, an all girl rock band from Northampton seemed like an odd choice for the evening’s musical element, as their C86 inspired type of pop rock doesn’t seem to quite jive with the hipster crowd that Fader seems to bring. Still the girls seemed to have a good time despite playing a corporate party to a crowd more interested in downing free drinks then listening to their music. I regret not checking them out at Parts & Labour early last month. The energy would have been a lot better. Here’s a song

Chromeo was supposed to be the headliners, but a flight delay ended all notions of that and Dragonette, who seems to play a show here every three days this month, made for a fine replacement. Their friendly synth-pop had the by this point, fairly intoxicated crowd dancing. I have never read much into the trio, but it seemed like perfectly acceptable Friday night pre-drink music to me.

I found out later that the party moved on to Wrongbar where Chromeo finally made it and Dj’ed the night away, mixing Tenderoni into Bonafide Loving all night long.

Overall, a good night.

Shout out to Vitamin Water

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