Concert Review: Ghost BC, May 6, Opera House


In the documentary The Unbelievers, recently screened at the Hot Docs festival, scientists Richard Dawkins and Lawrence Krauss argue for the end of religion as it stands in the way of scientific progress. I would argue, however,  that religion should still have a place in our world, if only so people can have the context to appreciate the satirical pseudo-religious approach taken by Ghost, a band not only fronted by a perverse anti-pope, but one who also recently released their own line of Ghost themed sex toys. Yes, the band known for their Satanically themed tunes now wants to also be known for their dildos and buttplugs.  I believe this is what is known as diversification of your brand.

This being my third time seeing them, there were no big revelations or changes to their show but it’s still immensely entertaining. As per usual, the band entered to the strains of Jocelyn Pook’s “Masked Ball” from Eyes Wide Shut. Backed up by the “nameless ghouls” who make up the band, frontman Papa Emeritus prowled about the stage, regally gesturing to the crowd and calling for applause from time to time. While the show hasn’t changed substantially, the costume budget seems to have gone up with the ghouls wearing pointy masks (all the better to match their Eyes Wide Shut entry music) and fancier robes.

After closing out their set with the anthemic “Ritual,” the band returned for an encore. I had high hopes that they would treat us to their ABBA cover, but instead they opted for “Monstrance Clock,” which was a little bit of a letdown. Regardless, the enthusiasm of the crowd was impressive throughout the band’s set. Its kind of cool to see a room greet a band with cheers that one would normally expect for big stadium rock acts. Then again, if the Pope can receive the kind of adulation he does from admirers, its only fitting that Papa Emeritus can have the same effect on his followers.

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