Concert Review: Jessie Ware, April 6th, Opera House

You know, some shows are just damn good. Jessie Ware‘s Toronto debut (as a solo artist) was one of them. The success of her amazing debut album Devotion meant that a packed house filled the Opera House on a Saturday. Dare I say not one person left disappointed. The voice, the soul-meets nineties r&b music and the no-filter vibe of Jessie Ware’s on stage personality all led to a gleeful show full of singalongs, dancing and general fun. As someone who may or may not have come off as a serious artist, Jessie Ware’s persona onstage is surprisingly fun and witty. Between cracking jokes about people yelling, genuinely thanking a fan for making it to the show from New York or making funny facial reactions when someone sings a part of her song poorly (she held the mic up to a few fans during some of the popular tracks), it was definitely a joy to see someone have fun on stage while also delivering stellar song after stellar song.

The music speaks for itself, you will know from the album Devotion what type of sound Jessie Ware goes for, and yes, her voice is as massive as it seems on album. Obviously the grandest moment was her hit single – Wildest Moments, a song so effortlessly good that you wonder how it hasn’t been written before.

If you have a chance to see Jessie Ware now, you should get on it. Next time around, it’ll be a much larger venue.

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