Concert Review: Carousel, Mansions On The Moon, April 3, Black Cat, Washington DC

There are rare moments when I have a sneaking suspicion I am actually at the spot of maximum fun on any given night in DC. Last night was just such an experience. The particular equation for optimal fun in this instance was : Black Cat + Wednesday night + Carousel + Mansions on the Moon = maximum beats.

The beats were seriously coming fast and furious over the two bands’ awesome sets in the Black Cat’s intimate backstage room.  Carousel led off with an adrenaline pumping dance fiesta ranging from their original works to covers of Robin. The duo was so good they inspired hair-flipping and hip-wiggling usually reserved for the late-night-Saturday-club-atmosphere in DC’s notoriously buttoned-up social scene. The crowd obviously loved them, with calls of encore (interspersed with pleas to “eat a sandwich!” – those boys were approximately the size of the Olsen twins – only cuter) and loud applause after.

Then… a lull… stage break down and set up…. Sub-optimal background beats to keep the vibe alive… and… BOOM. Mansions on the Moon literally LEAPT on stage and managed to segue right from the background music (which turned out to be their own) into their first electrifying track. Followed by an hour of equally awesome tracks. The quartet was super charismatic – their enthusiasm bled into the audience, multiplied, and was thrown right back at them.

Before the show, I was only really familiar with Radio, which caught my attention not only for the ridiculously catchy beat, but also for the thought-provoking lyrics. Well, after seeing this group live, I now realize quality lyrics are the rule, not the exception. These guys are simply bleeding hearts in the best of ways, with She Makes Me Feel proclaiming:

And when we take off/I can feel the stars on my fingertips/And we lay down/We can start a fire out of nothing/And when I wake up the first thought I’m thinking is you

The group also played favorites including Leaves Fall and Radio, with the lead singer literally dropping the tambourine (not quite the mic) at the end like the hard-core rock star he is.

As a final note, shout out to the group’s bassist’s old school dinosaur hat. Loved it.

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