Concert Review: Jukebox The Ghost, Matt Pond PA, The Horseshoe, Monday March 11th

I must be getting old. It seemed everyone in the crowd at this show was about 15 years old. They weren’t checking ID’s, so maybe? Matt Pond PA was the opening band to Jukebox The Ghost, which also made me feel old, because dude’s been around forever!

Matt Pond PA

I came in to the last two songs of his set. His voice is crystal clear, and pitch perfect. Matt Pond PA has been around since 1998, and has cranked out 8 LPs and 8 EPs, it was a little bit confusing to see him opening for a newbie on the scene like Jukebox the Ghost, but since both bands emerged originally from Philadelphia, it could be that they’re buds. Both immensely talented bands. Matt Pond finished off with his new single Love to get Used, which certainly sounds like a bitter break up song, with lyrics like “let’s hang on to abandon,” and “I give my love to get used,” Pond sings it with such a lullaby inspiring voice that it sounds like you could place it in a vintage Disney cartoon like Sleeping Beauty, with the cartoon animals fluttering around.


Jukebox the Ghost

I previously wrote about how surprised I was by the insane talent this band boasts. Their live show is interactive, fun, and full of cabaret style musicals and power-pop ballads, and each song showcased the bands talent, each member getting their own respective solos, in pretty much every track played. Already with a cult following in Toronto, their first headlining tour throughout Canada, wasn’t sold out, but the front was packed full with youngsters (as I see them), fist-pumping and singing along. A three-piece, Jukebox the Ghost’s sound is so big you would expect to see five or six members on stage. Prior to 2012, most of JTG’s songs had thematically revolved around sci-fi, however, with the release of Safe Travels, however, the band focused on writing more personal lyrics, inspired by actual life happenings. You can notice a difference as they become more involved in tracks played off of Safe Travels, as do the fans, who love relating to lyrics about life and love (I prefer the science fiction spin on things). ¬†Either way, this band has the talent, stage presence and writing skills to create a long and large venue headlining career.

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