Song of the Day: Suede – It Starts and Ends With You

Only a few weeks after releasing a song (but not single) off their new record Bloodsports, my favorite band Suede have officially release the music video for first single in a decade. As Frank noted on Chromewaves, they kind of released it at the same time as My Bloody Valentine released their new album. While the timing may have been shitty, the song is most definitely not.

It Starts and Ends With You is an upbeat and refreshing pop song that already sounds better then anything off A New Morning. Soaring guitars, catchy chorus and those Brett Anderson lyrics – it’s pretty apparent that the new Suede is a mix of all the versions of Suede we had come to expect in the 90s. The positive-inspirational tone of this track also reminds me a bit of the Tears as well. I probably would have used a little more budget for the music video, as it is basically a performance video, but it’s not like Suede’s been known to put out killer videos anyway, so I guess that trend continues. All in all, a great start to the year for the band.

Let’s hope they tour North America.

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