Song of the day: The Hemmingbirds – My Love, Our Time is Now

Two of my biggest pet peeves in music are:

1) songs that devolve into noise
2) yelling

The Hemmingbird’s “My Love, Our Time is Now” turn both of those pet peeves on their head.

First of all, the song begins with random noises and then coalesces into a smooth and silky guitar melody. Second of all, overlaying that melody are the forceful, but not quite at the level of yelling, vocals of Yoo Soo Kim, the guitarist, viola-ist, violinist and frontman of the group. These two things, that are so close to the two things I hate most in music, make me love this song.

The Hemmingbirds (name inspired by Ernest Hemingway – I guess Faulking birds didn’t have quite the same ring to it) have created a passionate, earnest, catchy and memorable track with “My Love, Our Time is Now.” Give it a listen:

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