Song of the Day: Teen Girl Scientist Monthly – Summer Skin

It’s freakin cold outside this week. It was so cold that Derek sent me a mms with this image:

as some sort of reminder of what’s to come.

Maybe it’s a beacon of hope. Maybe he thought I had fallen into a pit of despair and was saddled with Seasonal Affective Disorder.

Either way, it reminded me of warmer days.

So does this song.

Summer Skin is a track by Brooklyn act Teen Girl Scientist Monthly and it’s the sort of short, energetic power pop track that can temporarily transport you back into the glory days of summer. The band even posted a music video (view here) which shows them doing things you would expect a bunch of white kids living in Brooklyn would do – sitting around on roof tops, videoing themselves ironically playing in a school yard and of course, going to a parental summer home somewhere and going for a boat ride (because someone always knows someone with access to a boat).

The song is off their debut record Modern Dances out February 26th.

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