Song of the Day: Free Energy – Girls Want Rock

free energy

There are bands out there who are always on the fringe of your awareness – you vaguely recognize the name, you know you’ve heard the tune before, you think you’ve read an article about them – until they land squarely in your consciousness with a great track. I’ve been hearing about Free Energy for a while now as an up and coming indie rock band out of Philadelphia, but I didn’t pay too much attention until I stumbled upon “Girls Want Rock” from their yet to be released album “Love Sign.” First of all, great name, girls do indeed want rock. Second of all, the song’s got a softer touch to it with some really adorable “ooohs” and “nanananas” in between lines. These guys are playing the Tomorrow Never Knows Fest in Chicago in a couple of weeks – if you’re in the city I’d get on those tickets – I’ve already got mine.

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