Obvious Song of the Day: Suede – Barriers

Always interesting when, you know, your favorite band comes out with their first new track in ten years after a successful recent reformation. Given their last release was the much maligned A New Morning, I guess most Suede fans would be correct if they approached these new releases with a sense of trepidation. Still, it’s kinda exciting.

Barriers is the first track to be released off their new album, Bloodsports which is due to be released some time this year. Not quite sure what to make of it after three listens – it’s not entirely dramatic as any of their Butler material, not as pop as the material off Coming Up or Head music and definitely not as shitty as the material off A New Morning. I can’t quite place it, although if you listened to the Tears, you could say there are some similarities. There are some soaring guitars and as funny as it is to hear Anderson sing words like ‘lipstick traces’ again, it’s still a welcome addition to my life.

Welcome back.

Listen and download this song in all it’s glory at http://suedebarriers.viinyl.com/

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