Concert Review: Trust, 9:30 Club, December 5, 2012


Trust is the least banter, the most smoke, and the best spirit fingers I’ve seen in a while. I’m not going to lie, when Robert Alfons (aka Trust) took the stage, my initial reaction was “oh my god I hate this.” He took the stage with no introduction, a falsetto voice, and a borderline garage-punk-metallica sound. But, as Trust threw himself around his microphone, flipping his overlong Mohawk and busting out dance moves that incorporated fast flying fingers and elbow jabs, I found myself bobbing
along to the beat.

His next few songs were a bit more poppy and ‘fun’ (still in a dark way) and you could see the entire audience (primed for headliners The Faint) getting into his sound. My favorite track, Sulk, also highlighted the fact that Alfons has true vocal power – his voice, when not falsetto – is smooth, sultry, and – in a way – comforting. The smoke machine on the stage was going beserk (whether by accident or intention I’ll never know) and the fact that Trust kept his head, his falsetto, and his hair in working condition for the entire set is no small feat. I also very much appreciated his fashion style –man can work a mean boat neck shirt. Essentially, Trust’s own description is, I find the most accurate: the man is “a pop hit factory buried deep in the mud.”

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