Song of the Day: Jukebox the Ghost – Don’t Let Me Fall Behind

jukebox the ghost

If Jukebox the Ghost is good at one thing (besides constantly touring, endearing themselves to audiences everywhere, and staying under 300 collective pounds) it’s capturing millenials’ angst in upbeat three-to-four minutes songs. Their new single, Don’t Let Me fall Behind, is just another example of that skill. The trio puts together their classic keyboard, guitar and drums combination to create a beautiful song that articulates everything us 25-35 year old worry about: love, loss, the fear of missing out (FOMO), and the quest for that perfect someone. Every time this band puts out a song I am newly convinced they are singing especially to me. I’m sure the majority of their growing base of fans has the same conviction, which makes me confident this up-and-coming band is actually far from falling behind.

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