Song of the Day: Frankie Rose – Know Me

Frankie Rose, first of all, has a great name. Second of all, she makes fabulously melodramatic music. Her new album, Interstellar, is a ten-song adventure in feelings and emotions. My favorite from the record is “Know Me” whose poppy beginning segues into Rose’s smoother vocals, landing in a nicely balanced beat that will stick with you long after the three-minute song is over. If you like Frankie’s original Dum Dum Girls sound, you’ll appreciate the dream-pop influence that makes itself manifest in her newer work. If you’re not a Dum Dum Girls fan, Rose’s sound is unique enough that there’s a good chance you’ll enjoy her solo effort anyway. Either way, who doesn’t need a little melodramatic soundtrack action in their life every once in a while? Indulge yourself.

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