Song of the Day: Niki and the Dove – DJ Ease My Mind

I’m not quite sure how to place Niki and the Dove‘s music.

It has a certain electronic pulse to it while at the same time sounding organic and green. The music feels like it would exist in the same world as Florence and the Machine. Basically, if the hobbits on the shire decided to throw a rave, I would imagine they would play a lot of Niki and the Dove. The much talked about Swedish act has their debut album Instincts coming out May 14th and judging from initial listens, it’s going to be good. How can it not be? check out this cover.

DJ Ease My Mind is a single off the record and it’s got a fantastic rolling percussive feel to it. I love the buildup during the song and Niki’s vocal is in perfect dramatic alignment. Check it out.

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