Concert Review: The Cribs, April 11, Lee’s Palace

I’ve always liked the Cribs, their self titled debut was an album I found myself listening to quite a bit back in 2004. While their three piece indie rock act was not exactly exploring new sonic territory, they were good song writers, capable of penning incredibly catchy tunes that focused on easy to digest lyrics layered over guitar driven rock music. I really dug tracks like You Were Always The One, Direction, Baby Don’t Sweat and You’re Gonna Lose Us. Since those days, they have had some big hits (Hey Scenesters), added Johnny Marr to their lineup, been associated with Kate Nash (Ryan Jarman’s girlfriend) and just a year ago, Johnny Marr left the band. Nevertheless, it’s probably easy to say the band may have strayed from their roots in recent years.

New album In the Belly of the Brazen Bull marks the Cribs return to their original lineup and they were at Lee’s Palace to preview some tracks off of the album, which comes out May 7th. The venue was moderately packed and the crowd was rowdy. How rowdy? Mosh pit aside, at one point of the show, a girl went on stage, did a little dance and then stage dived. Can’t remember the last time I saw that. The band put on an energetic and fun set that played some new tracks (including new single Come On Be A No One) before settling on a hits filled ending. I’m not sure how the new material compares to the older material, I guess I would say it sounds very similar.

The Jarman brothers appear to be having quite a bit of fun (even if they seemed off key/drunk for some of the songs). One of the twins unsuccessfully attempted to do a Bohemian Rhapsody guitar solo halfway through the set. They also did a cover of Chixdiggit’s My Restaurant before realizing nobody in the crowd knew what they were singing. Tracks like Hey Scenesters, Men’s Needs and The Lights Went Out were given the singalong treatment by the crowd although I wished they played Martell.

You can’t go wrong with seeing The Cribs live. They are fun, energetic and have songs that can get your feet shuffling and your mouth singing. It’s honest, good rock and roll. Their new album In The Belly Of The Brazen Bull comes out May 7th, and they’ll probably tour again. Check them out then.

Cheat On Me
I’m A Realist
We Were Aborted
Come On Be A No One
Back To The Bolt-Hole
Hey Scenesters!
Men’s Needs
Be Safe
My Restaurant (Chixdiggit cover)
The Lights Went Out
Our Bovine Public
City Of Bugs

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