Concert Review: Naked and Famous, Vacationer, Now, Now, April 5, Sound Academy

Dear readers: I automatically get points off for arriving slightly late for the opening act I was supposed to shoot and getting my beloved camera confiscated at the door of Sound Academy. In lieu of my non-existent opinion, go check out Now, Now, which was the first opening act for The Naked and Famous and in town to promote their recently released sophomore album Threads. Check out the song School Friends below.

The second opening act of the night, Philly’s own Vacationer serenaded the quickly amassing crowd of…young people – please don’t get me started on the fact that this was my first all ages show! – with the compliment that we were all very sexy. Those words warmed up the youngsters (and some oldsters) for the band’s dreamy, beach-with-synth sound. You can get more of Vacationer with their recently released first LP, Gone, here. The delivery approached energetic, with the band’s synth player hitting the Roland keys with gusto.

As Vacationer struck their set, the crowd started to enlarge exponentially, something I realized much to my dismay as I tried to angle for a good view of the stage. With my being prodded from every direction, and regaled with the stories of the very loud and slightly intoxicated, The Naked and Famous took to the stage to screams of delight. I decided I was going to suffocate in my initial position, and moved myself facing the left of the stage, where I could see a bit of the band’s lovely front woman Alisa Xayalith. Hitting the synth, and hypnotically dancing to her band mates’ accompaniment, she moved music from stage to audience with expressive hand movements. Hits off the band’s impressive electro-pop Passive Me, Aggressive You album debut of 2010, which was lauded by the likes of the BBC, were played.

Songs like Punching In a Dream and Young Blood had the crowd wailing choruses right back to the band. The addition of a well-executed lightshow charged the space with a palpable energy.

Unfortunately for me, being elbowed, having drinks almost tipped on me, and also being privy to a couple’s tongue-wrestling right in front of my nose, I decided to hightail it out of Sound Academy. No doubt that I am going to enjoy The Naked and Famous by dancing to their infectious pop at full blast behind the closed door of my bedroom!

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