CMW Review: The Inbreds, March 24, Lee’s Palace

After a 7 year hiatus, the Inbreds reunited to play Lee’s Palace at CMW. This Halifax/Kingston initiative from the 90’s showered us with their brand of drum-driven bass music. It was an opportunity for old fans to hear some classic tunes, and new ones (admittedly myself) to discover this charming band. They played their fun brand of indie rock that harkens back to the days before indie rock was anywhere near as cool as it is now.

One of the most interesting aspects about the Inbreds is their unique approach to standard rock instruments. Bassist Mike O’Neill plays bass the way other people play guitar: by strumming chords and playing through distortion pedals. This makes for a heavy full sound that still manages to not be muddy. Pair this with some good story-telling vocals, and solid drumming in Dave Ullrich, and you’ve got yourself a decent show. Add an encore (a rare CMW treat) where Dave sports a flamboyant Elvis suit and you’ve got yourself a pretty good show.

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