SXSW Review: Alice Russell and the Quantic, March 16

With a smoky voice and a bluesy disposition, Alice Russell is the latest voice from England poised to take over the charts stateside. Positioned as the older, seen it all version of Duffy/Adele, Alice Russell played a stellar set at the Parish with a great backing band that included the Quantic, a famous musician based out of Columbia.

While Alice Russell doesn’t necessarily bring anything completely original to the bluesy loungey singer template, she’s got a powerful voice and a cheery demeanor. As we now know via the singing reality shows, a great voice can go a long way. Tracks like “I’ll keep a light in my window” sounded great as Alice put her massive for all to see . The backing band was also pretty good, and featured some talented musicians in the violin and horns. Seems like all backing bands for soul singers always wear dress shirts/vests/newsboy caps. Why is that? They also seem to like each other more than rock bands. Maybe they are just calmer individuals.

Alice Russell might not bring anything new in this soul singer timeless genre, she’s got a great voice and has a good vibe. Sometimes that’s all you need.

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