Concert Review: Phony PPL and Theophilus London, February 6th, 9:30 Club

After seeing Theophilus London and opener Phony PPL perform on February 6th at the 9:30 Club I was just too overwhelmed by the high-energy fantasticness of the show to craft a coherent paragraph-style review. So here goes: my first (perhaps the world’s first?) experiment with Concert Review Jeopardy. Alex Trebek, eat your heart out.

Category: Apparel Seen on Stage at the show
Correct Response: What are a vintage Stockholm Olympics sweater, a leopard-print bath robe, a “F*ck the Police” T-shirt, a gold-embroidered-elephant vest, argyle socks, and a New York Giants baseball cap?

Category: Best Free-Style Lyrics
Correct Response: What is “I got six hos… and a Frosty” (credit Theophilus – I still am not sure which part of that phrase would make a man happier)?

Category: Best Non-Lyric Lines
Correct Response: What is “hold up yo, my foot is stuck in the mic-wiring” (credit Phony PPL) and “Shout out to the ladies in DC. Y’all a good lookin’ bunch! We just performed in Utah, and let me tell you, wasn’t a pretty picture” (credit Theophilus)?

Category: Best Logo
Correct Response: What is the fake moustache on Phony PPL’s website?

Category: Best Stage Technique
Correct Response: What is ‘stool-game,’ which allowed the all-male performers to serenade a hand-chosen female audience-member with a love song?

Category: Illicit Stage Behavior
Correct Response: What is passing a joint?

Category: Most Well-Received Songs
Correct Response: What is “Just Break it Off” by Phony PPL and “I Stand Alone” and “Girls, Girls, $” by Theophilus?

Category: Stage Set-Up
Correct Response: What is a disco ball, fresh roses, stools (see “Category: Best Stage Technique”), and strobe lights?

Category: Ultimate Description of Theophilus Live
Correct Response: What is in your face, unapologetic, and leaves you wanting more?

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