Song of the Day: Trust / TRST / TR_ST / ? – Bulbform

Trust is Toronto based duo Robert Alfons and Maya Posteps, who judging by their press photos, are also daytime Urban Outfitter models. I have a hard time deciphering what their actual name is but I think they should make it more distinct since there is also a French and Belgium band with the same name.

Either way, the duo was signed to Arts and Craft last year and will release their debut record at some point this year. In preparation for this luminous event, the band will be playing a host of shows in early spring, including a March 3rd date at the Wrongbar, which is actually the most perfect venue you can pick for their type of music.

I’m not sure how to exactly frame Trust’s type of music, I think I would like to call it midnight electro or something. I think songs like Bulbform are best played really late in the night at a dark club. It has that type of atmosphere to it and contains (but effective) arrangements alongside cold, distant lyrics, which is all backed by a pulsating beat. Probably in the same realm of Austra’s Beat and the Pulse in terms of atmosphere. It’s pretty good, check it out.

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