Concert Review: Fujayi & Miyagi, January 24th, Wrongbar

It’s often said that the perfect remedy for a brisk and dull Tuesday night is a dance party. Who often says this? I don’t know. People way cooler than I am. Last Tuesday was unbearably cold and considerably dull, so I decided to heed to the advice of the cool and attend a dance party. A four piece act who recently released their forth album Ventriloquizzing, Brighton band Fuijiya and Miyagi would be our sheppards for the evening.

Dirty bass lines pared with David Best’s breathy Robert Del Naja-ish voice are the driving forces behind Fujiya and Miyagi’s music and the band displayed them prominently in the opening half of the set, which featured a few of their hits Knickerbocker and Uh. It didn’t take long before the front of the stage was turned into a dance floor with eager young legs ready to get groove dance on to the increasingly energetic set. The band was content to let their music do the speaking, saying nary a word as they moved about the stage, which was adorned with a projector backdrop. The eighty minute set spanned the group’s discography and was basically one smooth groovy ride for the entire duration. There was beats, there was synth and then there was David Best’s voice, which I guess if he wasn’t in a band, he could probably have made a lot of money doing voice-overs or something. While you can accuse Fujiya and Miyagi of remaining in their comfort zone musically for much of their careers, the sweaty and enthusiastic crowd at the end of the show suggests you can’t argue with their results.

Indie Kid vs Dance Kid also went to the show. He also decided he liked to eat oysters.

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