Concert Review: Jaymay, January 19, Schubas

Chicago – A woman and her guitar. That’s all it was at Schubas on Thursday night – no props, no synthesizers, no suits, no suspenders, no nothing. It was lovely in its simplicity. Jaymay made her way through the small crowd in the intimate quarters at Schubas Tavern and took the stage in jeans and a blouse and immediately started loving on Chicago (smart woman.) The theme of the night was low key – Ms. Jaymay chatted and interacted with the audience throughout, and she simply brimmed over with charisma. Being a singer songwriter, she has many poignant and emotional songs, but she brought so much self deprecation and humor to the stage that the often very personal songs never felt stuffy or overly intimate. At one point during the night, at the exact moment when she was about to resolve her chord and bring one of her songs to an end, a patron dropped their phone with a loud crash, and she ended instead with, “gravity…it always wins” which earned her whistles and cheers from the crowd. Another crowd pleaser was her incorporation of mouth trumpet sounds into her songs. She’s quite good at it, and when the crowd laughed she laughed right along with them. But personally I’d have to say that my favorite part of the night was when she sang the wickedly funny Tragedy. I wasn’t really paying attention to the song until I heard the bit where she sang “…and it’s so so sad, you’re such a mush. Everybody heard your body go sploosh.” The combination of Jaymay’s melodious and sweetly innocent voice with the lyrics, “and just leave the janitor the body to clean” was an unexpected and funny treat. The night consisted mostly of songs about lost love and flawed relationships but somehow I think everyone ended the night with a smile.

Jaymay – Long Walk To Never by wirralaudio

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