Concert Review: Dirty Fences and the Cults, January 14, Black Cat

Dirty Fences and Cults – such a good combo at the Black Cat on January 14.

I had never heard of the Dirty Fences and don’t usually go for the punk-rock sound they create, but I found myself thoroughly enjoying their performance. I was also suitably impressed by the four dedicated fans who came out and made a mini-appropriately-contained-mosh-pit scene in the middle of an otherwise detached hipster crowd anxiously awaiting the Cults. The three Dirty Fences guitarists were all super adorable in their hard-core personas – all sporting matching leather jackets. The lead singer engaged in some intense synchronized head-banging/shoulder nuzzling with one of his band-members which was… memorable. The drummer was also a remarkable asset to the band – he eschewed the leather jacket bandwagon for a super vintage looking tee which he decided to take
off about half way through. Good choice, sir. He was also remarkable for having the best (and only) line of the night, when he announced at the end: “Thanks. We’re a rock and roll band.” Great closer. I especially enjoyed A Thousand Miles an Hour and Can’t Tame Me.

11 Can’t Tame Me by DIRTY FENCES

Then… the Cults! The Dirty Fences may have been impressive in their matching wardrobes but the Cults totally one upped them by being… matching people! No joke, each of the male/female five-man band were carbon copies of each other, from the long black tresses to the dour face to the hypnotically rhythmic swaying and bad posture. Soooo well done and such a good look for a band named after spooky social clubs. Unfortunately, their sound was not as impressive as their look. Although I really enjoy the band’s music, it’s honestly better recorded. The lead singer’s voice often came across as weak on stage and, while I enjoyed the glockenspiel live, it somehow works better with the pre-taped music than the live sound. Nonetheless, the band had a great stage presence and was super friendly despite its dark look – repeatedly thanking the early crowd (I was a the 6:00 show) for coming out. Go Outside remains my favorite song, but the band also performed “The Curse” for the second time ever live which got the crowd excited.

Really fun show overall – one of those odd pairings of bands that somehow works out perfectly.

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  1. Marina Tropeano

    Definitely love Cults’ sound, too, really into dream-pop lately. They got me into Chairlift, too, they just dropped a new album and I love their track “Sidewalk Safari”

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