Concert Review: Lana Del Rey, November 30, Mod Club

The Mod Club was brimming with excitement on a chilly rainy Thursday as the white hot Lana Del Rey made her Toronto debut to a sold out crowd. This fall’s ultimate love it or hate it internet sensation, Lana Del Rey (aka Lizzie Grant) has built an incredible amount of momentum on the strength of two nostalgic sounding singles on youtube, with the song Video Games garnering over eight million hits alone. With her pretty face, pouting lips and super hip music video, it was surprisingly easy for the New Jersey based singer to attract the attention of fashion forward hipsters around the globe, dominating blogs and media alike. The transition from internet sensation to real life artist began this fall as Lana Del Rey took to the clubs in promotion of her singles and upcoming debut record, titled Born to Die.

Taking the stage shortly after 9 pm and backed by a four piece band, Lana Del Rey played a short forty minute set that showcased a surprising wide variety of tracks. There were the solemn lounge singer numbers like Blue Jeans, Born to Die (still sounds a bit like Chris Isaac to me) and Video Games, but there was also a few tracks that seem to have spawn from 90s hip hop roots, with Lana almost rapping to a beat that TLC would have been proud of. It was a pleasant surprise, although the crowd seemed quite neutral to all non youtube tracks. Based on her excitement and confidence when singing those tracks, I actually wonder if those upbeat hip hop like tracks are actually truthful more Lana Del Rey songs then her popular hits. Only time will tell, I guess.

Despite not being entirely comfortable on stage, Lana Del Rey showcased a strong singing voice that can swing from high pitch almost Nicky Minaj like singing to a deep weathered soulful sound that channels someone who has seen anything and everything. Lana’s stage presence presented a playful, somewhat giddy and chatty girl in an unbelievable Jersey accent. It was quite the departure from the mysterious DIY meets James Dean meets Vogue magazine persona conjured up on the internet. Makes you wonder who is behind the latter.

All in all, it’s often hard for skyrocketing music sensations to justify their hype, but Lana Del Rey’s set at the Mod Club was good enough to establish that she is has talent. It helps that Video Games and Blue Jeans are absolutely fantastic tracks. It will be interesting to see her progression as an artist and also at the same time, if her fan base remains. I suspect most people in the crowd were there for curiosity and I’m sure half of them went to say they went. I wouldn’t be surprised if this group moves on to the next big thing by the time her debut record comes out in January. Still, a pretty show nonetheless.

Lana Del Rey – Video Games by PurplePR

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