Concert Review: Mike Evin, Language Arts, Aug 23, Bread & Circus

Toronto – Earlier this week singer-songwriter Mike Evin played to a small but appreciative crowd at Kensington Market’s Bread & Circus. The Montreal-born and sometimes Toronto-based musician has just moved back to the big city. He brought an upbeat attitude to his set, playing songs from both the archives and his latest album “Do You Feel The World?”

Opening for Mike was Toronto-based Kristen Cudmore of Language Arts. Hailing from Nova Scotia, Kristen alternated between nylon-string & electric guitars, a synth, and a loop machine to weave her music. Listening to her play made me want to buy a loop machine. They look so fun. Easily the best part of the set was Kristen’s bubbly, adorable, nerdy, slightly vulnerable but super genuine personality. I can only imagine that a little maturity and experience will do wonders.

The transition from one singer-songwriter to the next was smooth. The set featured an eclectic mix of songs about hot secretaries, soapbox car racers, and of all things, the stage banter of the late-great trumpeter Percy Heath set as lyrics for Mike’s own song. The piano playing was tasteful. Mike threw himself into it with abandon. He was clearly having fun, and that fun was clearly infectious. As much as I love Bread & Circus as an intimate and friendly venue to see live music in the city, I do wish that it could draw a larger crowd so more people could enjoy what it has to offer.

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  1. Colleen

    I agree with your review in most parts, however your comments about Language-Arts said nothing about her musical talent. Yes, you mentioned her infectious personality and looping, but you failed to mention her skills with both the classical & electric guitars as well as her lyrics. I’ve been a fan of Language-Arts for some time and know that they have been in the scene for at least 8 years. She has experience and that is obvious when you pay attention to how she can play the guitar and what comes out in lyrics.

  2. mike

    I’m glad the reviewer is excited to rent his looping pedals and use his experience and maturity to play great shows someday!

  3. Brian

    Bread & Circus is closing up shop this weekend, too.

    Too bad, it was a neat little venue. I recall seeing Language Arts at a Calgary music festival four or five years ago. They were really quite good. I don’t recall a sampler being part of their set, but then again, there were three of them. Kristen’s guitar playing was definitely a highlight.

  4. Mike

    I think you should use a loop machine for your next review, because this one is soft crap. I feel like it was written by someone’s auntie. Kristen Cudmore has plenty of maturity and experience. Her set was sophisticated and complex, and her songs had us all in a trance. God.

  5. Ricky

    i’ve been drinking wine for over eight years now but i still don’t know much about it.

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