Out Of The Box Festival: Foxes In Fiction, Human Bodies, July 30, Toronto Underground Cinema

Toronto – It somehow seemed fitting that the second night of the Out Of The Box Festival at the Toronto Underground Cinema would feature another night of 3D projections.  After all, it’s in a movie theatre, 3D is a trick often used by filmmakers for sequels – Jaws and Jackass come to mind – and this was essentially a sequel.  And while the music was just as good, I found the 3D element worked a little better on the second night.  That’s rare in a sequel.

Up first was Foxes In Fiction, Warren Hildebrand’s one man electro/shoegazey indie pop project.  Panic Manual has written about Hildebrand before, creating a minor contoversy amongst some Foxes In Fiction fans after a review of a 2010 live show.  That show was nearly a year ago and he’s played a whole lot of shows since then, so it’s probably fair to say that he’s a fairly seasoned performer at this point.  He’s not the most chatty onstage however, preferring to let the music speak for itself.  In that sense, it probably helped a bit that he was accompanied by the onstage projections, even if they were more or less the same images I had seen the previous night.

By the time Human Bodies took the stage, there was definitely something different onscreen – the 2006 3D remake of Night Of The Living Dead, perhaps chosen in honour of the band’s moniker.   This led to my favourite 3D moment of the night, a scene in the film where a stoner character thrusts a spliff at the screen in a manner strongly reminiscent of the old SCTV Dr. Tongue skits.  “Would you like some more … pancakes?”  Forget Avatar, this is what 3D should really be about – cheesy, campy crap.  But I digress.  back to the music.

Human Bodies seemed pretty stoked to be playing there – “Playing in a cinema is rad!”  This is true, it is kind of rad.  Especially when you’e playing in front of a zombie flick.  Human Bodies were kind of rad too.  They had all the typical signifiers of a Canadian indie band – lots of members, the occasional use of horns, synthesizers, and frequent instrument switching – with a little bit of a harder punk-ish edge to the guitars at times.  Not having heard of them before, they were a pretty good discovery for the night.  I look forward to checking them out again sometime when I’m not wearing goofy 3D glasses.

06 Ninth Floor View by Foxes in Friction

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