Concert Review: Memphis, July 20, Lee’s Palace

Toronto – For the record, I have never been the biggest fan of Memphis frontman Torquil Campbell.  While I’ve enjoyed his work with Stars, he’s generally been my least favourite part of that band and I will admit that I have thought him to seem a bit pretentious at times. Unfair?  Perhaps.  So in an effort to put aside any preconceived notions and prejudices, I took it upon myself to check out his other band and see what they were all about.  And I must admit, they put on a pretty damn good show.

Campbell somehow comes across a bit differently when fronting this band than he does in his main gig.  Perhaps it was the more straightforward rock band arrangements, but something was definitely different.  I detected more than a hint of Morrissey in his delivery.  In fact, at times it was almost like watching a Morrisey impersonator.  Campbell came across as a pretty engaging and yes, often likeable performer.  At one point, he dedicated a song to “all the evil f*ckers who run this province and this city” and a later dedication went out to all the people in the back who couldn’t be bothered to turn around and watch the group of “tired, old men” performing onstage.  This guy’s not really afraid to call it like he sees it.  Nor is he afraid to ask for a drink.

At one point during their set, Campbell asked for a gin and tonic.  Within a few minutes, I witnessed three or four seperate people bringing a gin and tonic to the stage.  Man, I wish I was in a successful Canadian indie rock band and didn’t have to pay for my drinks.  I should really get on that.

Memphis – Way Past Caring by Arts & Crafts

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