Song of the Day: Hooded Fang – Den of Love

Toronto – I’m not overly familiar with Toronto’s Hooded Fang but the people in the circles that I travel within often marvel about them like a kid with a cardboard box. With such glowing endorsements, I decided to check out some tracks off their new record, Tosta Mista which sounds like someone saying “Toast, Mister” in a heavy Chinese accent. The record is Hooded Fang’s second record, and first with the newly created Dap Records. I am currently enjoying a song off this album called “Den of Love” which sounds like a ’50s crooner wedding song for some reason. I can totally imagine some slicked up greaser at some low budget hall asking the local gal to slow dance to this track. Check it out

Hooded Fang will be kicking off Summerwork‘s musical festivities on August 5th. Check them out.

Also, donate money to Summerworks, since their funding got pulled by the government because they put on an act about terrorism. Seriously, how stupid is that. Did Fox pull funding after Jack Bauer shot up some Libyans in 24? hell no, they ordered seven more seasons (four of which were unnecessary). Anyways, yea, donate.

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