Concert Review: Sharon Van Etten, April 12, The Drake Hotel

Toronto – “I Love Canada.”  So said Sharon Van Etten during her show at The Drake and she said it more than once.  It’s a sentiment echoed by many American musicians who come to our fair country, but Van Etten took it a step further, offering up her hand in marriage to anyone willing to give her citizenship while also relocating to New Jersey.  I’m sure there was many a concertgoer (myself included) who’d be willing to take her up on that offer.  A friend who was at the show put it best: “She’s so endearing.”  It’s true.  Sharon Van Etten will charm you.  Not only is she a great performer whose beautiful voice and strong songwriting are equally impressive, but her stage banter and personality really is so … endearing. 

For those not in the know, Van Etten plays a form of mellow (yet intense) and at times slightly sombre folk-rock, though more recently, she’s been augmenting the rock side of her sound slightly.  I remarked that if she actually were Canadian, the CBC would be all over her.

A few songs in, Van Etten invited a very pregnant Julie Fader onstage to sing harmonies on several songs.  At one point, Fader commented that this was the first time she’d seen Van Etten use a tuner onstage.  “Well, I turned 30,” replied Van Etten, adding that she’s trying to do other “adult” type things, like buying dresses (good ones, with pockets) and brushing her teeth regularly.  I can attest to the growing importance of dental care as one gets older.  I personally try to floss and stuff more often nowadays.  Plaque buildup is a bitch, I tell you. 

All in all, Sharon Van Etten put on a great show, highlighted by the songs off her latest release, Epic.  She also played a cover of late Texas singer-songwriter Blaze Foley’s “Oooh Love,” which she dedicated to anyone in the house with blue eyes.  This was the third time I’d seen Van Etten live and she seems to get better every time (although I did enjoy her SXSW set at the IFC House slightly more just because it was more intimate).  It’s pretty much guaranteed that I’ll see her every time she comes through town from now on. 

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