SXSW Review: Matt & Kim, March 18, Fader Fort

matt and kim

Austin – Wow.  What can I even say about this show?  It’s a little hard to be objective about it.  In fact, it’s pretty much impossible to say anything negative about this show unless you’re a dick who hates awesome fun.  Matt & Kim are the happiest band on the planet and they want you to be as happy as they are.  And they work hard to make you happy.  This is the service they provide.

This was my first time seeing Matt & Kim live.  from what I hear, they always put on a hugely energetic set, but due to the fact that this was SXSW and Matt & Kim were really amped up after seeing Odd Future play sometime before them, it might have been even more high energy.  Ridiculous stage banter, Kim bootie dancing while being held up by the crowd, tons of balloons with Matt & Kim’s face on them, and the duo playing snippets of big, dumb pop songs such as “Apache” and “Do You Think You’re Better Off Alone.”These are just a few of the crowd pleasing tricks Matt & Kim have in their repertoire.  For added star power, they were even joined by Erykah Badu  for one song, although I totally didn’t recognize her until after the fact, wondering who that woman banging nonchalantly on a cymbal was. 

At one point during their set, Matt dedicated a song to everyone who’s ever seen them before and come back again.  After seeing them for the first time, I’d say that list would pretty much include everyone who’s ever seen them live before.  Unless they hate awesome fun.

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