Concert Review: Smith Westerns, Feb 28, Horseshoe Tavern

Toronto – Once in awhile you just need some power chords in your life. This was my conclusion after listening to a short but sweet set by Chicago trip The Smith Westerns, in town to promote their sophomore release Dye it Blond.

The trio took the stage shortly after 10:30 to a generous ovation from the capacity crowd, most of whom are on the right side of twenty. I was a bit surprised at the size of the crowd, as was the band, who commented on how the crowd had doubled since the last time they were in town. The buzz from Dye it Blond has been quite palpable, stemming perhaps, from an extremely favorable Pitchfork Review.

The trio played a forty minute set which consisted of material new and old. With most songs clocking in at around three minutes, the show moved along at a brisk pace, with the band stopping sporadically to address the crowd (all be it in a youthful manner). I was pleased to see a band shamelessly using power chords. It was a great supplement to their retro hook laden garage rock sounds. The entire Smith Western discography could of soundtrack a movie like Gross Pointe Blank, which I guess is fitting since John Cusack is from Chicago as well. Highlights included All Die Young, End of the Night and Still New.

Following the mantra “always leave the audience wanting more”, the band exited stage left after about forty minutes and did not return for an encore, much to the disappointment of everyone. I just assumed they had run out of songs. Overall I found myself enjoying the show more then I expected. They are playing SXSW next week and from what I’ve seen, will be well on their way to some serious stardom this year.

Smith Westerns – Weekend by forcefieldpr

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