Concert Review: The Vaccines, Horseshoe Tavern, January 18

Toronto – Clocking in at a rough 25 minutes, London’s The Vaccines played a short but blistering set of nostalgic Ramones meets wall of sound style rock tracks that mostly justified all the hype that surrounded the four piece band. Front man Justin Young often plays the guitar with a pseudo psychotic look that gazes past all the crowd into a space thats only reserve for young rock stars. I am sure once he gets a little more shows under his belt that the show will become more manic, more memorable and more visceral, something I think the band is going for. Watching this band, I was reminded of The Subways and the Pigeon Detectives, previously hyped retro styled rock bands from the UK with a penchant for sub 2 minute songs. The styles between the three bands are different though, but the buzz around them seemed the same.

All in all it was a good show for those who have learned that NME hands out “best band ____” declarations like free candy and was just there for a good rock show. Those who were expecting a life changing moment might have left disappointed, but they’ll just purchase the next issue of the magazine and forget about the band anyway.

Wreckin’ Bar (Ra Ra Ra) by The Vaccines

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