Concert Review: The Wedding Present, Girl In A Coma, April 14, The Horseshoe Tavern

The Wedding Present

Toronto – I was feeling pretty tired this night, so it was perhaps appropriate that Girl In A Coma was playing since I felt semi-comatose.  Based on their name and the video that Ricky previously posted, I was expecting something laid back and acoustic based.  I was definitely wrong.  They had more of a punkish sound that at times had a bit of a 90s vibe.  Even their footwear was a bit 90s.  I noticed Doc Martins and canvas sneakers on stage.  Why was I looking at their feet?  I’m not sure …

Instrumentally, they were pretty tight.  Then singer Nina Diaz started singing.  “Well, that’s a bit different,” I thought.  She has a powerful wailing dramatic kind of voice that reminded me of … someone, not sure who.  Maybe Joan Jett or even a little bit of PJ Harvey.  The Joan Jett comparison is probably pretty valid since they are actually signed to Joan Jett’s record label.  Each line she sang was punctuated by her overemotive facial expressions, which actually worked quite well.  They had a lot of stage presence and were very talented musicians, although the most memorable song they played was a cover of the Velvet Underground’s “Femme Fatale,” which I suppose bodes well for their new covers album, Adventures In Coverland. 

I will admit that before this show, all I knew about The Wedding Present was that they were a British band who had been around for awhile and were highly regarded by some.  The band took to the stage to a rapturous response from a crowd of diehard fans.  “You’re a noisy lot, aren’t you?  Blimey!” said frontman David Gedge.  Yes, he actually said “blimey.”  More than once.  This proves that he is indeed a Very British Man.  The band was pretty intense and totally impressed me (as I said, I really didn’t know much about them before this).  Starting off with a few new songs (which Gedge prefaced by saying “you’ll probably love them in 3 years”), they then launched into a song by song recreation of their 1989 album, Bizarro.  As I said, the crowd absolutely loved it.  Speaking of the crowd, I believe this show had the highest concentration of madly dancing, old-ish bald dudes I have ever seen in one place as well as some guy who chose to remove his shirt and wave it around.  I think shirtless guy may have been affiliated with the guys who brought a blow up doll with them for whatever reason.  Said doll was later tossed into the crowd like a beach ball or something.  I’m guessing these guys don’t go out to that many shows anymore and wanted to make this one a really special one or something.  Regardless of that, it was a pretty good show. 

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  1. josh

    Nice!!!. Definately an old man’s show. The side project Cinerama is ace and worth checking out.

  2. Allison

    Insider notes: Girl in a Coma is exactly 50% lesbian. I challenge you to guess which 50% :)

    -David Gedge is the world’s nicest frontman. Even though he’s been doing this since 1985, he still comes out before and after every show to sign things, take photos, and talk to fans. He’s not as stodgy or British as he seems though–his girlfriend is a friend of ours and she reports his favourite line of the moment is “hard stare retard”

    -If any band wants to see how merchandising can help fund a tour, please consult the Wedding Present. An average gross of $800-$1,500 / night.

    -This tour marked the 21st anniversary of the Bizarro album (Gedge’s second album), so the first six songs were a random mix (Everybody Thinks He Looks Daft off George Best, their first album, was probably the best known song played) and the rest of the set was track for track off Bizarro

    -Josh, you should have told me you like Cinerama! I have a DVD from the last time they were in Toronto in 2008 I can give you

  3. Wade

    what merch are they selling to get 800-1500 a night?

  4. Allison

    I’d say CD’s ($15) are their biggest sellers with t-shirts ($20) a close second. There was one guy who spent close to $200 on t-shirts and 6 CD’s. They have one superfan (I think in Chicago) who buys around $500 in CD’s just go give them out to the audience at shows.

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