SXSW Quicky Ricky Reviews: VV Brown, BRMC, Neon Indian

BRMC, SXSW, March 19, Cedar Courtyard

Austin – As much as I’d like to write long drawn out reviews for these three acts, I will be the first to admit that my memories of these shows are slowly fading and it’s best to just get’em out there.

Neon Indian, Red 7, March 17
One of the most hyped bands coming into SXSW, Neon Indian is riding the wave of 2009 album Psychic Chasm into Austin hoping to capitalize even more on the chillwave phenomenon. Much to my surprise, he actually has a band. I was really expecting some guy with a synth and a few thing-a-ma-jigs. The live sound definitely changed the dynamics a bit as it suddenly became an electro rock show. However, the soundcheck dude probably forgot to test the microphone’s volume vs the guitars as Alan Palomo’s vocals were frequently drowned out by the instruments around him. Although a bit raw, there’s definitely good potential for a good live show as the music is definitely more energetic then on the album. Palomo’s got an interesting stage act as he basically clenches the mic really hard, stares really intensely into space and bops up and down while singing. Kinda like when someone is karaoking really hard.

VV Brown, March 18, Latitude
Great show by British singer songwriter who is also in Toronto March 30th at the Wrongbar. Playing to a packed house at the British Embassy, VV Brown displayed her vast array of talents singing songs off her excellent album Travelling Like the Light. Not stopping there, the charismatic singer also did a cover of Drake’s Best I Ever Had and a reggae dub version (citing her influences) of Crying Blood, all while wearing a hat she claimed to have taken from a military officer. A rousing retro pop closerShark in the Water had people moving and put people in a great mood for the rest of the night. Highly Recommended.

BRMC, March 19, Cedar Courtyard
I’ve been a fan of BRMC for a long, long time. Probably since you were a kid. I remember back when me and Vik were kids, Vik really liked the BRMC Palm logo and even thought about tattooing his arm with it. It’s been awhile since I’ve seen BRMC and since then they’ve changed their drummer (bye bye Jago) and adopted a more bluesy low key sound. Since I was a fan of their rock n roll stuff, I wasn’t sure how I felt about the band since their transformation. Sticking to the roots, the both front vocalists stuck to their leather jacket look despite the fact that it was probably 25 degrees centigrade outside. Some might call it stupid, some may call it commitment to the art. There’s quite a fine line. With two acoustic guitars, BRMC played selected songs from all their albums, including the new one – Beat The Devils Tattoo . I believe they played Love Burns and Shuffle Your Feet among others. It’d be easy to complain about the songs they didn’t play (Love Spreads, Weapon of Choice, US Government..) but given the 35 minute constraint and the urge for the band to reestablish a relationship with their fan base after the disastrous The Effects of 333 album, I’d say BRMC are back on the right track and we are all going to be just fine.

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