SXSW Review: Everybody was in the French Resistance…Now!, March 17, Galaxy Room

Everybody Was in the French Resistance....Now!, SXSW

Austin – Eddie Argos. What a showman. If you have been to any Art Brut shows, you will know that he puts on live shows like no other. Hilarious banter, genuine honesty and true love for rock n roll, that’s what the man is about. When it was announced that he was in a new band with his LA girlfriend called Everybody was in French Resistance Now! and they were putting on shows at SXSW, I marked this one down as a much watch. Sadly, I must have been one of the few, as the Galaxy Room was only at 30% capacity for this band’s debut. The people who did stayed enjoyed one hell of a show.

With Dyan Valdés on synth and an old British man on drums/guitars, EWITFR is like a lighter, bouncier, popier version of Art Brut. Fans not fear, the cleverness of Eddie Argos lyrics are still there. Announcing this band as a ‘concept’ band, Eddie delivered introductions to each song, including songs like Billys Jean, which was a response to the Michael Jackson’s song Billy Jean. Other songs included Superglue, a response to Elastica’s Vaseline and also ‘Do Think Twice’ a response to Bob Dylan’s song Don’t Think Twice. You get the idea.

Because of the small crowd, the show seemed rather intimate. It was made even more intimate when Eddie Argos took the microphone stand directly into the crowd and sang in the middle of the people who were there. At one point, I was looking at my phone to read a text message from Derek or Alli, only to look up to see Eddie singing directly into my face. Slightly embarrassed, I never reached for my phone again – it was that kind of intimate. The show ended with a rant on Avril Lavigne’s song Girlfriend, followed by the band covering the original song boyfriend.

Kickass music, intelligent lyrics, great showmanship and a small setting. That’s what SXSW is about and I’m excited to see this band again if/when they tour.

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